Friday, March 30, 2007

Headline of the day

Display of Controversial 'Chocolate Jesus' Sculpture Cancelled

The fact that someone was making a chocolate sculpture of Jesus titled "My Sweet Lord" makes me laugh really hard.


RC said...

that's hillarious.

it's combines the sacred and the secular messages of Easter, right?

you know you'd totally feel guilty for eating it.

Chad Wright said...

Since God knows everything (past, present and future) what do you think he was thinking when he was sending his son to die and saw the chocolate Jesus that would be created over two thousand years later.

Still, "My Sweet Lord." I laugh every time.

You're right, I think it's a sad commentary on what we've turned Easter into. Should it really be any different than any other day where we glorify God and celebrate his resurrection. It just happens to be the day everyone else gets in on the act.

My Sweet Lord. Hehe.

Always cheers me up.