Saturday, March 03, 2007

The little things

This week has been incredibly busy as we plan for next Wednesday night and get many other things going.

Through it all, God has really been showing me some great things.

The main one is to pray about the little things. Normally I would pray a general prayer about the upcoming service. "God, please bless this service and all the people coming, yada yada yada." You get the picture.

As I was working on the marketing for the service (you can see the logo above), God impressed upon me the importance of praying for every little part. So, I prayed for the flyers as I made them and the people that would see them. I prayed for the businesses that allowed me to put it up. I prayed for every person I sent and e-mail invite to. I prayed for the blog entry I wrote promoting it.

We need to pray about even the little things. What's that saying? God is in the details.

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