Sunday, March 04, 2007

Four services!?

Vision only God can fulfill. You've got to love it.

Throughout this week, Pastor Leon and I have had several meetings that invariably turned to a conversation about the future of the church and specifically growth. During one of these I said let's fill this building up four times. Can you imagine NBCF if we had enough people to fill up four services every Sunday? I truly believe we can do it. Imagine the people we could reach then.

That's God-sized vision. Let's fill it up four times and build a new building and fill it up four more times. That's God-sized vision. I think we often cast vision too small (I'm including myself in that we). We make plans and pray for God to bless it and I think sometimes he looks at it and says "that's it?" God is so much larger than we can ever imagine and so's his plans for us. I truly believe he is about to blow the roof off NBCF. God is moving right here, right now. Get ready.

After today's service I see that we have to rely totally on God for this vision to happen. I'm dead tired after today. We had just one service, I didn't even preach and I'm still beat. Can you imagine doing this three more times each Sunday? It's almost 8:00 PM right now and we'd probably still be working right now.

It's going to take God to bring people in and it's going to take God to energize our workers and leaders.

Get to praying. Pray that God's vision would sweep over this congregation. The people around us right now are going to be the ones who have to work and plan to bring it about. We can't just say it's God's vision and put the responsibility off on him. We have to pray like it depends on God and work like it depends on us.

And don't forget to invite someone for Wednesday. Make it someone that doesn't attend NBCF. It's 1st Wednesday and God's got something great planned.

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